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Health insurance provides health insurance for people with a low income. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) covers children. Learn about eligibility and how to apply.

Find out if you are eligible for Medicaid

Health insurance provides free or low-cost medical benefits to eligible:

  • Adults with a low income
  • Children
  • People who are pregnant
  • People age 65 or over
  • People with disabilities

  • How to get insurance through the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace

  • These options can include Health insurance , dental, vision, and more. Learn if you are eligible for coverage and enroll in a plan through the Marketplace.

    Medicaid provides free or low-cost medical benefits to eligible

    How to enroll in a Health Insurance Marketplace plan

    Go to to find your state Health Insurance Marketplace. Each state’s Marketplace has its own enrollment instructions.


    • Choose a plan for the first time

      The Affordable Care Act (ACA) gives more people access to health insurance. Use the ACA’s Health Insurance Marketplace to find health insurance options.

    • Make changes to your current insurance plan
    • Choose a new plan to replace your current plan

    If you experience a life event like moving or having a baby, you may be able to change your coverage during a special enrollment period. You may also qualify for a special enrollment period if your household income is below a certain amount.

    Immigration status to qualify for the Marketplace

    • Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR/Green Card holder)
    • Asylee
    • Refugee
    • Cuban/Haitian Entrant
    • Paroled into the U.S.
    • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
    • Deferred Enforced Departure (DED)
    • Lawful Temporary Resident
    • Administrative order staying removal issued by the Department of Homeland Security
    • Member of a federally-recognized Indian tribe or American Indian born in Canada

    Coverage for lawfully present immigrants

    Lawfully present immigrants can get Marketplace coverage and may qualify for premium tax credits and other savings on Marketplace plans.
    The term “lawfully present” includes immigrants who have:
    • “Qualified non-citizen” immigration status (see details below).
    • Humanitarian statuses or circumstances (including Temporary Protected Status, Special Juvenile Status, asylum applicants, Convention Against Torture, victims of trafficking).
    • Valid non-immigrant visas.
    • Legal status conferred by other laws (temporary resident status, LIFE Act, Family Unity individuals)

    Immigrants and Medicaid & CHIP

    If you’re a “qualified non-citizen,” you’re generally eligible for coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), if you meet state income and residency rules.
    To get Medicaid and CHIP coverage, many qualified non-citizens (such as many Lawful Permanent Residents, also known as LPRs or green card holders) have a 5-year waiting period. This means they must wait 5 years after getting “qualified” immigration status before they can get Medicaid and CHIP coverage. There are exceptions. For example, refugees, asylees, or LPRs who used to be refugees or asylees don’t have to wait 5 years. Qualified non-citizens who haven’t yet had their status for 5 years generally qualify for Marketplace coverage, if otherwise eligible.
    The term “qualified non-citizen” includes:
    • Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR/Green Card Holder)
    • Health insurance
    • Refugees collection of values
    • Cuban/Haitian entrants
    • Battered non-citizens, spouses, children, or parents
    • Victims of trafficking and his or her spouse, child, sibling, or parent or individuals with a pending application for a victim of trafficking visa

    Children and pregnant people

    States have the option to remove the 5-year waiting period and cover lawfully residing children
    • 35 states, plus the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have chosen to provide Medicaid coverage to lawfully residing children and/or pregnant people without a 5-year waiting period.
    • 28 of these states also cover lawfully residing children or pregnant people in CHIP
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